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Are IT problems hindering your business productivity?  Stuck with aging equipment and software but hesitant to upgrade for fear of downtime?  We'll help modernize your infrastructure and overall IT strategy by taking advantage of cost effective mainstream products and strategies.

For small workgroups a modern Windows server based system is incredibly reliable and needs little ongoing maintenance.  Relax knowing your data is backed up redundantly both locally and in the cloud.  In addition you'll be able to retrieve older versions of files or data inadvertently deleted. For those needing offsite or cloud access there are myriad solutions that we'll explain and customize for your needs.

​​Our goal at OfficeRescue is to provide effective solutions to maximize the efficiency of data handling and business processes for any size organization. We collaborate with you to find the most expeditious and cost effective path whether for ongoing maintenance, emergency response or implementation of a new project or technology.





We do new server installations, wiring, workstation acquisition setup or upgrade, security hardening and virtually any other task for small business.  Intec, a local company in Brookeville, took advantage of our comprehensive services for campus style WiFi, a new server, workstation OS, CPU and memory upgrades resulting in a modern infrastructure along with enhanced efficiency and productivity.  Email was migrated to a modern IMAP solution supporting workgroup based  cloud sharing. They had a dream to take their business to the next level and we helped make that a reality...

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We have worked with a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail. Although our clients have ranged in size to large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover the power and capability of both off the shelf software and vertical market software matched to well chosen equipment ...


Tom has handled all of our IT needs related to servers and workstations, remote access, software upgrades and even interface to our VOIP phone system for the past four years. We couldn’t be happier with his service and regularly turn away offers from firms seeking to provide these services. He is the best fit for us for many reasons. Most other firms want a monthly fee with billing for costs in excess, Tom does not. He responds quickly when we need him, does specified routing maintenance and backup in the background, and when needs are less he waits until needed. His rates are fair, he bills only what is needed, and we can contact him at any time and get a quick response. He is very capable to address every problem and every expansion or improvement need we have had. We have upgraded workstations rather than replacing. We have moved some backup to cloud resources and over the years feel we are evolving a continuously improving and more reliable system. We are only a ten person firm but we keep up with our largest client in terms of remote access and networked project computing. There is really no area in which we feel Tom’s services do not fully meet our needs. He has earned our highest recommendation. Feel free to contact us for a personal reference.


Scott Kaufman, Principal INTECaec

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